First blog post – I just want to say “Hi!”.

Hi everyone, I started this blog just to put some random thoughts onto the internet. They said that any footprint that we put on the sand will disappear easily. But any footprint we put on the internet tends to stay forever. It’s scary to think that any wrong move I make here  (in this virtual world) may be made known to the whole world, with lightning speed (Of course, it must have a tremendous impact first for this to happen, but the modern world is full of random small things unexpectedly become big all of a sudden thanks to the media).

But I would like to think positively that all the good things stay forever as well and someday in far future (when I am no longer here), we can say that in some way, we can live forever in the virtual world. The “ancient” knowledge, “old” way of thinking, our “unsophisticated” logic, “childish” jokes, “strange” sense of humor that we possess today will make it to the future for our descendant to study and try to understand their old men. Well, best of luck and try your best, future successors.

I am not English-native speaker but I hope I can make this blog available to more audience across countries. But you can send me non-English email or comment as long as it’s in the languages that I can understand, which are Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. Thank you all for reading!

Warmest regards,